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Mistral 2×90

The Mistral 2 x90 is a new development of the very popular low pressure sprayer of KWH.
The Mistral 2×90 has a newely develloped KWH 270 direct drive blower. Meaning less maintenance by the absence of v-belts and more efficiency of the blower. The 2 speed blower manages to get the same or better spraying results at al lot less Hp. At only 22 Hp wind speeds still exceed over an unsupassed 180 km/h. making it possible to spray trees up to 5 mtr with small tractors and penitrate even the most rugged bushes.

The 2×90 degree steel outlets can separately directed to obtain the best spraying result in every crop.

In combination with the low pressure KWH nozzle system you will never experience clogged spraylines and the easy to use volume valves leave no room for any mistakes. Spraying 50 or 1200 litres without changing a nozzle.

We even managed to put in VLOS ( air support management) preparation add it and the winds will influence your spraying no more.

In short the Mistral 2×90 delivers everything, fuel efficiency, less maintenance, rugged and simple more air speed and it’s prepared for any future regulations.

Purchase the Mistral and you will enjoy it for decades.

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Mistral 2×90

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  • Type Mistral
  • Capacity 600-800-1000-1500-2000 l.
  • Frame Domex Steel hot galvanised
  • Weels 10.0/75-15,3
  • Pump 40 bar Membrane or 3 bar Inox 250 l.
  • Mixer Super mixer
  • Air cassettes 2x90
  • Ventilator KWH270
  • Length 374 cm
  • Width 130 cm
  • Highth 147 cm
  • Weight 800
  • Power 22 Pk / 16,7 kW