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Phantom 400

KWH Phantom 400 Blower Front


The KWH 400 Phantom Canon Sprayer is the latested update of the B612. More air more speed and special turbo impellor has increased the high of the air stream

Air speeds up to 210 km/h and working distance of 25 to 30 meters this truely is an ambitious machine.
Specially develloped for pestcontrol in ridged environments and trees it can be towed on tractor or on the back of a truck. You can get this machine to work everywhere.

Due to the KWH low pressure system and special butterfly nozzles, which will never clog up and will not damaged the nematods.

This system is equipped with the unique KWH electrostatic system.
This enables you to get your chemicals deposited more evenly and at places you would never reach before. Making your spraying efforts more effective, saving you time, chemicals and money.

Track & Trace System: Since it is only possible to apply nematodes effectively under very conditional circumstances, we recommend to record all necessary data.
This will help you analyze your work process, but you will also have proof of which services you have provided

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  • Type OB3-PH400
  • Continu 800 ltr
  • Cadre Galvanise
  • Roues --
  • Pompe basse pression
  • Mixeur --
  • Air cassettes butterfly nozzle
  • Ventilateur B612 turbo
  • Largeur 1685 mm
  • Cassettes de l'air 1250 mm
  • Hauteur 2000 mm
  • Poids 500 kg
  • Puissance requise 27 kW