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Mistral Crossflow

The Crossflow 270 is the latest delvelopment in controlled spraying. It has numerous new features to ensure this sprayer will meet or surpase any current or future spraying regulations for years to come.

First of all the complete blower section is re-develloped with an ultra effective 2 speed impeller reducing the power to 22 Hp. iliminating the v-belt drive and reducing on maintenance.

With the air directional flow system you are able to spray independant from current wind situation and always get the same perfect deposition result. Saving chemicals at 95 % plus drift control, save the enviroment and save on diesel. The new 270 blower has the pre built VLOS system preparation. This enables easy installation afterwards if new enviromental regulations are implied.

The Mistral Cross flow is available in tankseizes from 200 up to 2000 litres and width starting from as small as 1 meter.

You can now configure your own personallised Mistral and get a quote instantly or ask any question.

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Mistral Crossflow

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  • Type EC2-18-10
  • Continu 1500 ltr.
  • Continu 2000 ltr.
  • Continu 600-2000
  • Continu 1000 ltr.
  • Continu 600 ltr
  • Cadre Ferre Domex
  • Roues 10,0/75 - 340/55
  • Pompe 40 bar 110 ltr
  • Mixeur Supermixer
  • Air cassettes reinforced polyester
  • Ventilateur KWH270
  • Largeur 3,50 - 4,20
  • Cassettes de l'air 1,00 - 1,65
  • Hauteur 3,20
  • Poids 625-680-725-780
  • Puissance requise 8 - 15,7 kW